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20180506:  Wow.  I really need to learn how to keep using this "net" thing.....  I have this domain for no really good reason, I guess.  Butt... here I am.   20171219, at the local Gerenal Meeting, I elevated to become Nevice Brother Clo Ventoe.  I am keeping that moniker!  I move forward with that.  I contemplate purchASS of a home in Guerneville, but for the moment, the neighbourhood is full of people who seem to have forgotten when, and how, to sleep.  I bit irritating, and that makes me want to move away.  But I have not found one (or more?) to live with.  I am still acquiring mental therapy, to help me move forward still... I think...?  I am jut feeling lot, & out of place.  Stoning is irrelevant, and I seem to be mentally forked up anyway. Now what....?

20160403:  Woomph.  Fail to edit.  Okay.  As of February, 2016, I am Postulant Clo Ventoe with the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  As I have lived in Guerneville since 2012, I have done many things with the order.   "Angel con Cuernos" (Spanish for 'Angel with Horns') "Saint Satyrion: The Woodland Spirit".  I have been inspired by THIS 'religion', I will move forward with it.  We shall see what happens.

20150619:  I will continue my path with the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  They called me an angel.  (Angel con Cuernos) They called me a saint. (Saint Satyrion: The woodland Spirit)  I have pASSed the aspirational phase, on to postulancy. 

20141214: EVEN FURTHER. Life has been a bit busy. I do NOT know where to focus my attention. On... whatever. I am GOOD at helping do what THEY need to have done, I just have no particular plan of... MY OWN. WTF??? 

20130518: HOLY FUNK. I have missed this a while. MORE UPDATES SOON! 

20120122: Another year has started. I am still trying to formulate a plan about moving. In an effort to appease the feds, I have NOT been smoking anything. Odd, that if you WANT to get a job, you are drug tested. BUTT if you want to produce a child-unit to increase your welfare funds, you are not. Also odd that simplest item for consumption, the one that it is RUMORED that President Lincon consumed, THC, is the hardest one to get from your system. Crack? Heroin? PCP? Gone in a couple days. (yeah, I looked it up) Herbal grass? a month to three months, depending on consumption, of which I used to consume quite a bit. AH.. SOBRIETY. AT ANY RATE, I will get through this healing process SOMEDAY. In theory. 

20111227: Wooomph. Almost next year. I have spent the holidays in Vermont, at my parents house. We went to Beantown for the family gathering there. My one remaining grandparent was there. He is becoming older, and I hope he has comfort. ANYWAY, I am contemplating a move to Guerneville, CA. I am board with living in the desert. As it has been a place to heal, it is also a place to be out of. It was odd that last summer I learned I was HIV+. Despite all the health systems there in the desert, I am wishing to leave soon. I have been on a prescription of Atripla. While it has been vey good, I will have to pay out the ASS for it when my medicare disability lapses. It will cost about $1500 a bottle. It has made the virus undetectable within my system, reducing the viral cournt from 256,000 to less than 75. "Undetectable" they say now. I just hope I can find a way to pay for the pills. We will see what happens as I move to Guerneville. 

20110126: I did the visit parents in Vermont over the HOLE-i-daze. NOW I happen to be visiting San Francisco (again) I have it on my mind to LIVE here again, I am just really not feeling good about it at the moment. I am sure I can find a way, just... bleah. IN OTHER NEWS I descovered I had become HIV+ in August. I went in for a physical, and I wanted to hear the Doctor say "You're clean!" again so I had the HIV test run as part of it all. OOPS. I am now positive. At least it took longer than average. I know I have been a queer boy since the 1990's and I was safe through THOSE years. I guess an accident happened. I will be staying in Tucson a little longer, trying to get things figured out & lined up & whatnot, THEN I will PROBABLY move elsewhere! 

20101125: I have made plans to roll east for the merry x-mASS HOLE-i-daze. AND I will be there to see a cousin being wed. I have done not much more than.... well... make that plan. Not quite sure what I will do when I return next year... (?) 

20100926: Sew. Driving around. This Evening I went out on a little roll-around. I just felt a need to GO somewhere. At any rate, after a short time I noted I had gone the distance of traveling upon an animal would get you in a whole day. and I wondered, in equivalency, how many centuries would it take sunlight hitting a spot, say, a 10M square, to equal the amount of energy it took to make my car, get the gASS, & go around for that 20-30 minute roll-time? We could do the math. We can try to figure it out, how to quantify it. ALL of the energy that we as humans are consuming is coming from only one spot. Human beings NEED to use less. I NEED to turn off the computer more. *sigh* 

20100919: OOF. Finally made it back to TuckSawn. I spent a couple months in VT. Helping mom build her hoeuse. It did not get done in the time she said it would, so I left after a couple of moths there. It was slightly interesting, butt picking up beer cans off the lawn at mowing time became BORING. SO I have returned west. I think about living in SF again, butt not yet. I am still needing to get used to life again. THAT plus a little bit of bad news I got from a Dr. in VT that I just need to start getting taken care of HERE first anyway. I want to move ON with life, butt I am still forgetting HOW or WHERE? 


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20100512: Time ticks. I plan to roll east at the end of june, the end of my mental therapy sessions. let us see whah MAY happen...? 

20100329: New year. New attitude(s). well, not "new" so much ASS rediscovered penchants. ANYHOOTERS. I is who I is. Again. -ish. I note that I have reduced my typing here to semi-anually. I need to improve that. SO. please beep me if it has been a while with no updates. SEW. Here I sit, I plan a trip to taxASS to visit Richard on his HOLEy day of some queer matrimony thing! Not anything legal, mind you, the intent is there, say... abundantly. Perhaps that BIG part of me does not bothher to pay enough attention to updates.. ;-) I STILL want to find a way to dance. I STILL want to find a way to play with fire. 

20090715: WOW. I no longer need to ask "why?" about a LOT of things. I am still left with "who?" "what?" "where?" "when?" "of?" "and?" "how?" I suppose you can write & ask if you really care, but a BIG part of MY existence has come back in to focus now that "why?" is greatly changed! now.... other riddles to be solved... 

20090411: happy tax month! so this year I spent a bunch of money to have other people help me outh with this. I should be able to handle the basic bits next on my own... maybe I will try to save something. this year I (inexplicably) received $25 rebate from AZ folx, and the fed taxes I owed nothing. And it only cost me about $525 to figure that out! well, at least I am now more aware... I should be able to do this myself....? otherwise not much else goes on.. my ear-holes are up to a little more than half-inch holes. I suppose the difference is I ACTUALLY WANT THOSE.... OKAY. I am planning on rolling east towards VT in semmeritme, perhaps around june 17, back july 15 

20090314: wow. I am really sorry. I forget to update this. I am not really on much of a calendar yet anyway.. I am still trying to repair myself... I am hunting for things I may actually WANT to do.... itting at home in my office typing has been really nice, butt I need.... to... like... DO SOMETHING. ideas? email to pasha@svaha.com :-) 

20081124: ~ibid.... anyhoo, here I bee, one year older. I am no longer 1/2 -> 2/3 of satan, 33->66->666, now I am 34 and tomorrow is my parents 35th wedding anniverasry, so supposedly I am NOT a mistake! Not much going on it life otherwise, trying to learn how to cope with other people, trying to learn WHAT to do with this life thing.... suggesntions are not a bad idea, but anything that deals with guess's = a NO NO. science or sound... THE PLAN is to roll east mid-decenber, then roll back to points west as of the epiphany.. (jan 6... my mother is still one of those religious people!) RE: taxASS legal system: word is that once they found out how much I had been ripped off for paying back the bail person ($1500) they dropped the $500 fine they had thought of, (thankfully...) basically a guy was providing a bail loan to people, but since I was out-of-state, his policy was to take it ALL money from ME + his bail funds returned... he gained a few bux off me. AT ANY RATE it is DONE, it has DRAWN CLOSED, and I will not travel with pot in the car again until I legally am allowed to do so. (that means: if I a coming to visit, make sure it sits ready! :-) ) 

20080822: oops. I do not keep this "up to date". perhaps I should set it to a feed so people MIGHT want to know when it guts updated.. butt that is part of web 2.0 & I am still an ol' guy... ANYWAY life = life. NO WORD on THC posession charges from the taxASS jail system. MAYBE it could become "ok" by then? hopefully before. NO OTHER good news (much?) well. housemate manico & I will start clASSes in september. she will do basic yoga to help me bend, & I will do basic spanish with her & we can practice at home. I am still doing the therapy bits, butt maybe I am getting furthur with this 'healing' process.. alASS, eye ain't there YET. by the way ping me a note if this has not been updated recently... I DO forget... My roommate jeff is adding stuff I did in the past to his web site.. czech it out.. IN THE WEIRD... stuff my roommates do. they type too. I will probably head to VT over x-mASS HOLE-i-daze and do that family stuff... butt seriously.. if I do not update this often enough, send hE-MALE to pasha at svaha dot com 

20080625: SO. I did the wedding. I fixed this thing. and now I can try to remember to use it more regularly... I did get the permissions thing figured out... hmmm what is next... uhm... maybe folsom st fair... or Palm springs, or... there are many different things I am getting to think about doing again... I am only slightly able to understand things completely of an adult nature, but I am getting "older" terrible-twos- to-terrible-teens I have been going through... right. more as I grow more. 

20080619: hmmm. I am about to go west for an old friends wedding. he's the reason I went from Ithaca to Antioch, he is partially responsible for some of the nice things in my life, so I will pay him his honour.... 

20080319: Well, it seems I am not keeping in touch with that "life" thing.... I am still trying to figure out WHAT to try & do.... granted, I dislke having to go through therapy, I hope it "finishes" soon... 

20080302: more wouch: it has been quite a while since I added to this. so I did go east for the holidaze. then I was arrested in rural taxASS for a TINY amount of weed, and to jail I went. I hope to NOT GO BACK AGAIN. I went to SF once for a short visit along the way with monica (roommate) and here I sit thinking about a summer trip to VT... MAYBE I'll go swimming... last OCT while my parents were here I was taken to navajo and some words were spoken by a friends father there, I knon not my path (yet?) and it is not over yet... 

20070924: WOUCH. Been a while. in June-July, I drove Tucson -> Houston -> Vermont -> Florida -> Houston -> Tucson. Parents fly down to visit in Oct/Nov, I will probably go back east for holiday bits. I sit & try to heal still otherwise. 

20070815: sorry for the delay. I do not do much of anything now except try to heal still. brain is not fun to try & make work again... Hair grows in, nails grow out, and I try to type a lot. the BEST way to try & contact me is via text. in case it is NOT pasted anywhere, I am pasha21 on AOL, pashalah for .Mac, lhfreeq on yahoo, 3280875 on ICQ, lhfreeq@hotmail for MSHen just post if you need something DIFFERENT. 

20070806: uhm... oops.... 

20070312: wow... I drove to Houston & back to Tucson.. it seems I LIVE here now... I actually have an AZ driver's licence... I have AZ plates on my car. I have to pay a tax HERE. uhm... there really is not much of anything "new".... I am still tryngi to get used to the head-shave... 

20070227: sew eye planned a tripp. I am going to go east towards houston taxASS to see an old friend, and well... wheel around? no flying for me... I do not mind airplanes or flying, I mind being bothered by homeland security any time I bother to look at an airport with the Terrorist same name of someone in the Mafia near Toronto, or an I.R.A. guy in Ireland... and this not only happens to me but other people in my family with the same name.... you would think that the people we bother paying to do this would at least know how to do it? *sigh* taxes.... oh yeah... I am being taxed upon the Social Security Disability I am receiving currently... I am being taxed for that which I paid taxes to provide..? and I use my SS $ to pay for that...? 

20070210: WOW. I REALLY need to do this. like WEEKLY. at least. well... I did something I have not done in half my life: I shaved my head. MOST people I interact with (or have read this...) know me as someone with long hair. that has not been cut since I was 16. dreads. now gone. pix @ HEADSHAVE PIX ENJOY a "new" me? 

20061109: OOG.. so I have forgotten this for a while. SEW. I am now in Vermont. I am waiting for a new car to drive back to AZ in. I am going to get rid of the camper van I have only really used ONCE for camping things... I decided to buy a new prius, which apparently has about 3X the city mileage for my van. aside from the quit-smoking arrangement, there is NOTHING new to babble about. SO.. read on IF YOU WISH. 

20060801: Here it is, NEXT MONTH! well.. I am tearing my website apart bit-by-bit and I remember that most people cannot regularly see what I have up there anyway. SEW if you are missing something, do send me an email to pasha[at]svaha[dot]com and I shall try to make it available again. most of Flamingpasha.org will exist on standby, but any IDEAS should be passed along, MAYBE I get to try something new? 

20060719: Oi! I forgot about updating this... OOPS... right. Sew. what to include here? hmmmmmm....... OK... well, I wound up BUYING half of jeff's house. it helps him out with the mortgagaue thing + helops him start his business, + I no longer have to pony up rent. PLUS this land might be worth more someday. rumour speaks that I should find a partner. But I can barely deal with myself much less OTHER PEOPLE yet... I get to try and grow up again. brain damage DOES NOT = good.

20060214: Singles awareness day it is. and I am still single. how apparent. RIGHT. uhm... I am making a collection of the audio I have directly worked on. either I did the RECORDING of the following (wherever it is mentioned) OR I did that which I recorded. most of this is stuff that I wrote.. the 'well' folder contains the "well of Horniness" a radio play that I did as a senior project in college and still needs a bit of finishing work. MY STUFF should be found in here. 

20060207: well, just another week away to "single's awareness day"... I have had a lot on input on ideas to make some things with my time & space... and some of it makes sense. I SHOULD be doing audio. I SHOULD be doing video. BUT I am a bit-to-lazy now-a-days... I am going to start tying to do something.. for a first look, visit HERE to attempt to view this.. It WILL require a fast connection, so cable/DSL/Network = OK, but not an OK thing for dial-up on an analog ?odem... right. someday I hope to do something. worth doing. 

20060126: @ 01.43 mountain. right. so I am back in these arid-zone-A parts. I drove back, and after investing several thousand in repair of my vehicle. I have the SAME problem that I took it in for before. so. have any of the repairs meant anything? I dunno. rumour has it something new might be put out to grab onto in a few years. but it better not be petrol-powered. As human beings, we need to get used to making room. as americans, we have to USE a universal measurement format rather than an antique "U.S." measurements. right. bi bi. 

2006(!)0102: Hippo Jew Queer! from Vermont I have posted this... bad news is that my car did not. driving across the country with my father, we made it into upstate New York before one wheel lost its bearings and boiled the brake fluid... so I had to get towed for repair. and the car is STILL in new york awaiting those fixy bits... at a Ford Garage, no less... STILL waiting for car repair and parts, lets see if it gets fixed before I decide to buy a new car to go back to Arid-Zone-A 

20051128: RIGHT. things make little to no sense to me. BUT I have a few realizations lately that should help me pursue life. For quite a long time I wondered "Why am I alive?" I have sorta been able to put that question off as I have sort-of been able to FEEL my being in time & space.. like I understood and FELT being here in Arid-Zone-A. Short plans. (subject to change...) I am driving eastward for christmASS and New Years. I will drive back here, then MOVE back to Vermont come March/April. More news in the future? Probably. 

20051017: OK. Here I am, taking notes. I have been trying how to figure out how to get the video thing working so perhaps I could have a "podcast" available to anyone who bothers to view the news. Not many people seem to be too bothered to get one of the new video iPods, so that is somewhat pointless. I don't love the mac THAT much. I am attempting to figure out what to do with the machines I DO have. "Too many" is apparently too many to deal with. whooooooooops. I guess I do love macs, but what to do when they become the next LARGE-microsqush? 

20051004: Part of me thinks about gutting another domain name to have a live version of this available.. i.e. without having to type this annoying address if you wish to find it. "pashalog.org" or something like ?that has come time mind. BUT since most of you who are reading this bothered to click through to find it anyway, so I can save $12 by not registering. RIGHT. SO. I am back in Tucson, thinking about a move to the bay area, but I have not made up my mind yet.. it seems like there may just be too many people out there for me to bother with that, and maybe I should consioder a home in ludlow or something. I am preparing for a trip (I think) towards Houston for Halloween. Actually, I need to find a place that has enough room to put one of my computers in each room, and ENJOY using them. 

20050913: well. now that the dust has blown off, and the tires changed, I have returned form Burning man BM2005 stuff Moovies, Pix there are, plous a blurb of text from me.. I forgot to bring a book to write in, so these are my scribbles since I had departed Tuck-sawn for the dezert. Prepare now I must for a trip towards Bellingham, WA, where an old friend from Vermont has moved. drive around like I usually do, I do. more notes later. maybe. probably. 

20050821: wow. Moved around I have. Back to Tucson Arid-Zone-A. I plan to go to Burning man for the 2005 year. Yes, I did go last year, but I did not manage to stay for ore than two days. I do hope to manage to find my way along the way. I hear there is some sort of information thingie there and I should be listed with my name pasha. Right. so I am moving on, attempting to try to move those poi things. the car managed to work and get me here. my body is operating okay I believe. OK, I did not go to pride in BTV, the car runs okay.. 

20050801: another new month. and here I be. not moving anywhere. which, seems a bit wrong for me.. I should be moving. somewhere. but now I do not... I wait for my car to WORK. It goes fine for a couple of hours, then dies. so all you need to to continue moving at a highway speed is to "reboot" the car by popping the key on and off. then it will cruise along OK for a few miles.. SO. Here I am in Vermont, a bit later than I wanted to be. I DO want to go west, and get back to Tucson, and get to Burning Man.. but dates approach, and things do not happen for me, so I get to push things off as I approach the date I want to do something. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..... back to hell I go. bi bi! 

20050708: Here it is.. JULY has managed to start. I did go to Burlington for a little bit of healing of the loose dreads that have spun around a bit since I was up there for this last year. I basically need to get the left side of my body to work correctly. PRIDE in in BTV this upcomming weekend... I signed up onto one of those "Fuck with me NOW!!!" websites, and it seems to have gone insane with activity since I got back here. Clearly, I did not fuck people enough before the crash.. O well.. I guess I have plenty of nice things to catch up on. alright. things are becoming new/different, and I need to figure out how to deal with them. fortunately, little requires $$$. Fortunately I do not have to look for work immidiately, but I do not know what to seek out once I do start looking. what did I use to do, anyway?

20050616: I did manage to drive across this country. I visited Canada, had to try twice to get in, but I got in and made it to the Wiccan Festival thingie northwest of Toronto... it was fun, and I actually was able to light my fire toys for the first time since my car crash. funny.. people that I tought how to do it there years ago learned it well, and have been passing it on to others.. Basically it was my teaching these few people that got the to convince lots of other people to learn how to do it! I did something! I tought people. they tought people and have have played with fire nicely... it was nice to be able to do it after the crash, I did fine, and there were people capable of putting me out if I fucked up. So I did not get to visit lots of people along the way, but that will have to be ok until canada gets to be another state (HA HA HA!) 

20050503: I have to say that I am sorry tto everyone that I missed seeing that I didn't ment to.. things popping up here and there to deal with... more later, I'm sure. 

20050501: I made it up to the Sam Clam's Disco (San Francisco) Area this week to try and find some fun. This is the right place for me to spend time, just not NOW. SO. I have managed to come up here to visit some old friends, and the people I hooked up with to give a ride to someone knows someone else who know someone I know anyway.. lots of JOY there is around here now, even though my mother JOY is in Vermont now, and I shall see in a few months when I drive back for a best-ish friends marriage July 3. I have decided to keep this thing running, and hopefully I will be able to keep this address until I cannot us a computer any more. I will make an cross country road trip this summer, and I hope I get to visit people along the way. 

20050317: actually it is 0200 so it is actually the 18th, but I like St. ME day. ANYWAY.. here is the months of march: 7-17 I vissit houston taxASS where richard lives. There were some interesting moments of ASS in taxASS. 18th (now) parents fly in to tucson airport @ 1535. they are flying in and staying here until they fly east on the 29th. lots of digital mayhem as I have some new hardware for mom's old mac tank. So they shall come, and maybe we'll go see the grand carnyon from afar. I have not decided if we should go in their rental car or my van to just camp out wherever. MORE SOMEDAY SOON!!! 

20050219 (part 2): My old Westy. My newer Westy, bought in sept in california, and now has vermont plates on the blue one. the blue one is newer, more powerful, and hopefully not shred my like the remains of the old one did after I was smashed into by an 18 wheel truck, then bounced off the road. 

20050219: the freeq sits. and tries to learn things. thinhgs feel very fucked up for him. probably because he does not feel a sense of time correctly. WELL, some of you may know of the adventures I must have had in the past, and I should remember them. but I do not. I do not really remember something until after a delay. So what do I do here? nothing. really. I play with my computer often, but I am having difficulty remembering things. Sometimes I wonder if the brain damage is a result of or a cause of that problem.. So I am able to remember things along the way, but I fail to remember how long.. Have I been sitting here doing this for 5 seconds, minutes or hours? definitely not days weeks or months, but I have no real thing to feel that time difference on. SO I do not feel time yet. at least I know "what a few days" means, but I have no concept of it. heck, that I managed to remember to write this shit down somehow is good. 

20050104: Hippo Jew Queer! Well. I have landed in Tucson. AND I need to figure out where I am. And what I am doing. Where I am going. Who I am seeing. Stuff. Things and Stuff. So here I am. In Tucson. A bunch of my old friends had come to visit just before new years. Two vans full of people came down here. Someone decided to leap in the pool between the hot-tub breaks. It is kinda interesting being some place where I can go outside in the evening for a smokey treat and not freeze my arse off.

20040922: Here I am, visiting an old friend in Oakland California, sorta making my way along to visit others.. I wish my brain was working and I remembered shit!!! Basically I have discovered a few things about me, like my sense of intelligence is able to work, but I fail to have a sense of time and remember things. Someday I hope to remember everything I used to, but it will be a while and a way before that happens. Someone suggested to me that brainwashing is a thing that had happened to me. While I reeecognize that it is, I know it was not done. My parent's have had the ability to do whatever they'd like, but I know they have been nice and not done it. They have been nice to allow me to continue along my old way... I know I am still healing along the way, and someday shit will appear to be normal, but I just get to wait and see. I have come along remarkably fast, but it still feels a bit slow to me. I plan to live here again SOMEDAY but I need to spend a little time getting used to a lot of people in one place again.

20040602: Here it is, nearly a year later, and I do not work well. Why? Car accidents suck. My van is gone, my ability to move correctly is gone, life seems to suck a little bit. All that seems to be left is this bumbling mess that I somehow manage to call a life. Honestly, I have to thank my parernts for disturbing their life to come and rescue me in Texas, where the accident was. Without their help, I would have little left. Now I get to complain about it all. Actually, I remember little about my life last year, but I do know that I managed to move from CA to VT in the wintertime, and make a mess large enough for my friends to take care of in my.. uhm, absence. Someday I will figure out how to make a web page again, and i will be able to post important notes to me about my recovey. 

20030731: I'm leaving for a road trip next wednesday. Headed out to see friends and family, going to Burning Man. I deadbeat broke but this trip is to be undertaken with the understanding that it is preventing me from going stark raving mad. SO Houston, Mimbres, Tucson, SF, BRC, Chicago, W. Michigan, Toronto and Back to Vermont. Maybe I'll make a posting ffrom burning man. 

20030605: Today I've received the paperwork, and it is official! I am an insured fire performer. Soon I'm going to Church Street Marketplace to put out the hat. Maybe I can make some bux at this. In other news, I've joined Friendster. Crazy thing that. 

20030515: Today I am on the front page of the Rutland Herald in full color, above the fold! My Friends brother is a photog for the Herald. It was taken at a friends house when I did a little mother's day show. Whoo!

20030430: So Ethyl, I says.... Ethyl Dingleberry. Pie mate having two blue piss. Press futz with mind chore? Flickerpiss Nose-scum! Inversion beating funday hat plate hay-am. Spaying pith tire stately. Dis fizz should. Tire Tire TIre! Turning Ban, sheer pie from!

20030332: My Westy ticked over 200,000 miles this morning. The Court case has been sent to Diversion. Rent is Due, as are gas, electricity, cable, telephone and general malaise bills. 70 degrees on saturday, 25 and lots of snow sunday, 25 today. Gee, spring is wonderful.

20030311: Things are chuggin' along. Workin. Doing some dancin'. It will cost several hundred dollars for insurance to perform in the City of Burlington.. which means I would likely not break even. So fire become more for me on private land (as it should be: I started doing this for myself. Been hanging out at THE bar, meeting interesting people. SO for now I'm biding my time, saving my money and planning for Burning Man 

20030128: Ok, so here I am in Burlington Vermont, working for hbc, LLC as a professional ghique. The Republic of Vermont has given me a less than stellar 'welcome home' but I'm surviving. For the first time ever I am going to be living alone in something that isn't my little VW westy WHICH just will not start. The temperature has been downright frigid. You can exhale into the sun, and watch the rainbow of moisture that was your breath slowly float to the ground. The Cirque Audition was very cool: I heard what most people don't get to hear at an audition: "We like what we see" BUT I need to do some work. I knew I wasn't going to go from Zero to Cirque in a few years, but now I know how high the bar is. 

20021211: What an awe inspiring day. One of the most unique auditioning/interviewing experiences I have ever had. (ok, there have not been many) It was a very interesting, positive, and really moving. No, I do not know if I have a job.

20021209: I audition for Cirque on the 10th! Wish me luck! 

20021204: Repairs are under way. Following the HD recovery, the powerplug connector came loose from a small circuitboard in my mac. After discovering that a COMPLETE teardown of my machine to the braces was necessary, I managed to do it, and a damn fine solder job later, I am no longer limited to battery power. Why is it that I can rip apart a computer to the last spring and screw, but I can't change the ignition wires in my car without Fscking up the hall sender? Maybe I'm scared of cars. Could it be there are usually no casualities when a computer crashes...

P.S.: Thank goodness SuperGlue(tm) is non-conductive. 

20021201: The engine in the westy is being rebuilt. Moving to Vermont by 20021230 for neat opportunity. Auditioning for Cirque du Soleil! My Apple laptop is now a PineApple laptop (courtesy of Dole Foods Inc. & my stupidity) and have to replace the main Hard drive. The data is safe, but I need to find a controler card for an IBM Travelstar DARA-2**000 model HD made between NOV-99 & MAR-00. Anyone?

20020919: Pasha Transforms.

20020813: Back in San Francisco. Whats up? Burning Man 2002, Fire Conclave, Improbable Orchestra, Infinite Kaos, Love Affair, other things. Doing production work, some tech stuff, a bit o consulting, and a whole lot of living of life. Stay tuned.