This page is my gallery media section. Please enjoy.

Age 16 in late 1991

Age 17 in fall 1992

This is me, taken august, 1995.

To see a scene from 1998, Click Here.

Something a little more modern (Dec 2000) can be found here.

A San Francisco Moment, Pasha at Dore Alley 28th July, 2002

Pasha's Transformation 19th September, 2002

Pasha at the Castro St. Fair 6th October, 2002

To see the home of the flaming pasha (NO SMUT HERE), go to this directory

And a quick little quicktime movie from Folsom St Fair 2001

If you are interested in my production of "The Well of Horniness", a 3-Act lesbian radio Comedy, Click Here . This was never broadcast on the air, as I never received permission for production. I don't care, because I had fun making it for the sake of making it.

For Music I've written, you may puruse my MP3 directory.