In this Folder are files of computer animation, viewable with Quicktime, available from and the FBX for quicktime plugin, available at for both windows and MacOSX (sorry, no classic support)  

I have added the fbx20093... file... that should help the intel based macs to run these files in quicktime.  I made them years age.  I make no money for them.  pthbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt.

You will need both quicktime 5 (or later) and the fbx for quicktime plugin to view these files. They are motion capture based animation. With two computers, the system was able to render an animation on-the-fly. Here is the resulting data. You can move your perspectinve around the animated subject to view from any angle. I do recommend a FAST processor and a FAST internet connection for this stuff. Click here for the files. A fair warning that these are a work in progress. Sensor glitches have not (as of yet) been edited out, nor have the effects been added, such as the flame, or the fire toys.

I don't like the first one, Pasha_Dancer.fbx this was a silly model. The Samurai files are of a more interesting model.

p.s. this seemed to stop working somewhere with quicktime 7 on the can run it on, but that means......?

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