Here you will find several pieces of music I've written over the years.


The Files in this directory are from a class I took may years ago at Ithaca College. The final version is "Two point Five" This piece borrows from the styles of my Best Friend, Sam, and blatently rips off a piece of his father's creation. This peice is not about composition, so much as demonstrations of digital manipulation. A fair warning, it contains a few bars of "Heart and Soul" just to piss off overy piano teacher, ever.


Torquestra was originally written as a piano piece over several years. When it was completed in 1994, I sat down during a blizzard and added some other parts. You may be interested to know that the orchestrated version was laid down in the following manner: First, the piano track was recoreded. Then, each additional track was recorded with just the piano, and all other tracks turned off. Once I had recorded about 16 tracks in this manner, I turned them all back on to see how it sounded together, and liked the result. Check out the piano only version Torque and the fully orchestrated version, Torquestra


Cooperation is a piece that was the result of a jam session between my best friend Sam and myself. We sat down, hit the record button, and this is what we came up with.


Zargh Is a piece that came with the turn of a wheel. Suspend the midi-off information for one note, and spin the dial, and play around a bit. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee.

Copland thingie...

One day while I was in college, I had done a co-op and was working along with the University of Vermont this was a recording *I* made of their orchestra playing this 'Copland' piece... SO... I just recorded THEM making noise. any problems are basically THIER fault, but it was a nice recording to make. and it proves that one day I could work.

The Well of Horniness

The Well of Horniness, a 3-Act Lesbian Radio-Comedy as written by Holly Hughes, performed live and on the Air many moons ago from the WOW cafe in New York City. I read this play for a modern lit class in college, and decided that this was going to be my senior project. I wrote to Holly Hughes asking for permission, but never received it. I received inspiration by two members of the original cast who were working at Antioch College at the time. Since I've never gotten permission for this project, it will never be aired. Nor will it ever be truly completed: During the original editing , the equipment I used for editing failed. I did keep backups of the unmixed data, but due to strange circumstances, they were stolen. The third act was a work in progress, and not all the sound effects were in place, but the dialog was finished. So, enjoy this at your own risk. It is pretty funny. If yer interested, I can tell you more about the process I used to put this together... not a traditional Radio play.

This stuff is mah own doin'. Don't go stealin' it or I might have to get cranky on yer butt.

20060318: I *may* do a little bit of touch up work to it, maybe make it public as a podcast, but until I hear a request for it, probably not. This was originally a project for me in 1997-98... wow.. ALMOST a decade ago....

20070619: I finally FINISHED THE SHOW. Bela (in the show) got a civil union. she was IN the production so I FINISHED it as a wedding present for her. it is DONE DONE DONE. I JUST HEARD from Holly Hughes, and maybe she'll get to listen in now that is done and permission no longer needed...